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Punta Gorda

The Ultimate Guide to Punta Gorda Neighborhoods

Introduction to Punta Gorda Located in Southwest Florida, Punta Gorda is a picturesque city known for its beautiful waterfront views, charming downtown, and friendly atmosphere.


Orlando Vacation Homes for Sale

Orlando, Florida is most commonly known for its world renowned theme parks such as Walt Disney World and Universal Studios, however this city offers so

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Southwest Florida

A Quick Guide to Charlotte Harbor

Located on the west coast of Florida, Charlotte Harbor features pristine beaches, peaceful rivers, spectacula wildlife, world-class boating/fishing experiences and old-fashioned tranquility. There is lots


The Ultimate Guide to Moving to The Villages

The Villages is one of the most desirable communities in Florida. No wonder it was the fastest-growing metropolitan area in the USA between 2010 and 2020! That growth shows

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The Advantages of a 1031 Exchange

What is a 1031 Exchange? A 1031 exchange is an IRS term for swapping one income property for another. It is a unique tax benefit