15 Reasons To Make Florida Your Next Home

Do you ever wonder what it would be like to live in Florida? Have you ever dreamed about having sunny weather all year round? From the warm weather to no state income tax, many people move to Florida – and that’s just the beginning. Calling Florida home means being close to thrilling theme parks and attractions, beautiful beaches, and other great outdoor (and indoor) activities!

Here are 15 reasons why moving to Florida could be an excellent decision for you!

1. No State Income Tax

While most of the country requires its residents to pay a state income tax, Florida does not! This means you can save your money and use it towards creating the life you want with more fun and activities that can all be enjoyed in Florida.

2. Summer Vacation Weather, all year round!

With Florida’s warm weather all year round, you’ll spend less time shoveling snow and bundling up every morning. The incredible climate and sunny weather are a big reason why families come here for their vacation. Just imagine living here full-time instead of going back to the dreary cold?

3. Cost of Living

The overall cost of living in Florida is much cheaper than many states, particularly those in the northeast. Housing is also more affordable. Most people are floored with how much house they can get for their buck, private pools included. And if you feel like laying a stake to some land to do some homesteading, there’s still plenty of that up for grabs here.

4. Healthy Lifestyle

With the all-year-round warm weather, it’s much easier to feel motivated to get out of your house and enjoy the sunny days outdoors. Whether it’s playing in the pool, rollerblading around the neighborhood, or taking Zumba classes on the beach, the activities are endless.

5. Water Activities

There are plenty of outdoor water activities great for the whole family! You can go wakeboarding at Orlando’s Watersports Complex, tubing in Rock Springs, paddle boarding at Wekiva Island, or Kayaking in Winter Park’s Chain of Lakes. Again, the options are plentiful!

6. The Beaches

We didn’t want to list it first… but what’s the number 1 thing Florida is known for? The beautiful beaches are located around the entire state. From Siesta Key to Daytona, there will always be one nearby!

7. The Keys

The Keys are known for representing Florida paradise in its purest form. Many people visit the Keys for their deep blue clear waters, where it’s perfect for a day of deep-sea fishing to snorkeling to see all the marine life. The Keys are also known for their historic towns, where there are plenty of museums, shops, galleries, and culture to enjoy.

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8. Awesome State Parks

One of the more underrated things Florida has to offer is our incredible state parks located all around the state. You can stay cool and kayak at the springs, try the thrilling bike trails, or unwind and feel at ease on the hiking trails. There’s an abundance of nature to take in.

9. Easy Access to Mexico and the Islands 

This is a great plus for you if you love to go on cruises! Many popular cruise lines ship from Miami and Port Canaveral, and of course Florida residents get the best last-minute deals. Another easy vacation option that’s always nearby.

10. Friends & Family Can Come to You

Like Floridians say, “I live where you vacation!” Be the fun family member that lives where everyone else wants to come, and be a great host whenever you family and friends come to visit! Or, if you’re not trying to have that, just tell them you moved to Saskatchewan.

11. Safety

Many of Florida’s towns tend to be some of the safest places to live. These cities are usually made up of retired couples and families who like to live slower-paced lifestyles. Towns like these are a great choice if you enjoy peace, quiet, and privacy!

12. Theme Parks and Attractions

Orlando is one of the most visited places on earth. Why? Because of all the theme parks and attractions! People come from all over the world to see parks that give you an escape from reality. The theme parks here are known for delivering all the goods that make for unforgettable family memories! Being a Florida resident, you can also get some major discounts on all the parks.

13. Incredible Food

Here in Florida, people come from all over the world. This makes for great food and drink options almost everywhere you go! Fresh grown produce is always available, including just about every vegetable and fruit you can think of. There are many Caribbean restaurants, Cuban restaurants, southern food style restaurants and so much more (did we mention, the best SUSHI?!).

14. Great Sports Culture

Whether your favorite sport is football, basketball, soccer, or even hockey – Florida has multiple teams you can cheer on. Located all around the state, your favorite team’s home games can be a great family weekend activity!

15. Affordable Real Estate

Looking to buy an affordable home? Florida is one of the best states to get more bang for your buck. Choose to live oceanside, near the springs, or close to Disney World and all the attractions – there are plenty of desirable options to fit your style!

Want to Try, Before You Buy?

Investing in a home is a huge deal, we know. If you’re unsure exactly which community is for you, we recommend you “try before you buy.” Stay in one of our fantastic vacation homes and get a feel for exactly where you want to be before committing to a big purchase.

At Global, we manage hundreds of beautiful private pool vacation homes, and we offer HUGE discounts on weekly and monthly rentals for people looking to take the leap and move to Florida. Our team of real estate pros will guide you through the buying process at your pace. We know the ins and outs of the different markets and communities like it’s our job – because it is!

We take pride in making Florida dreams come true. Reach out today to start YOUR Florida leap!

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