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Orlando Vacation Homes for Sale


Orlando, Florida is most commonly known for its world renowned theme parks such as Walt Disney World and Universal Studios, however this city offers so much more including affordable living, outdoor adventures, a fun filled night life, shopping and unique dining experiences! Orlando is also home to the University of Central Florida which is the largest university in the USA for undergraduate enrollment. Purchasing a vacation home in Orlando puts your guests in the center of it all!

People on rollercoaster ride at Disney world scream and hold up hands at the top of Everest in Orlando

For those wishing to purchase a second home to utilize as a vacation home or for investment income, Orlando is an excellent choice. There are many attractions that draw tourists to the area and the demand for inventory is extremely high. Orlando’s sales taxes are low and there are no state income taxes.

Click the links below to view our available Orlando Vacation Homes for sale, or continue reading to learn more about the vacation home in Orlando.

Using Global Vacation Rentals to manage your property

Each person that comes to Global has a goal in mind, whether it’s having a fantastic vacation, purchasing a second home, or creating income from their investment home. Global is the backdrop of all these amazing things, and our knowledge, team, experience, and processes help each person to achieve their goals. Global is a family business started by Guy and Robyn Bouchard in 1993. With over 29 years of experience in the industry, we utilize the latest Lead Management technologies, which maximize rental revenues for our homeowners.

Global Property Management

For those interested in using their second home as an investment property, Global has adequate experience in both short-term and long-term rentals. We offer full-service property management, which means you have a hands-off, stress-free experience while still receiving an additional income. Marketing, reservations, cleaning, maintenance, and inspections – we do it all and more! We don’t have limitations on when you can visit your home; in fact, we encourage you to visit it as often as you like (that is why you bought it!). We also have partnerships with powerful industry partners such as Marriott Homes & Villas and Air Canada, allowing your property more visibility across more platforms. We focus on ensuring your nightly rates are competitive and that you are earning as much revenue as possible.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best communities to purchase a vacation home in?

This question is often dependent upon what you are looking for in a vacation rental and what is most important to you. To start, you can take a look on our website *include link here* to view our featured communities, each of them unique and offering something special. We are happy to tailor recommendations to you based upon your interests so please contact us for more information.

Can all properties in Orlando be used as a vacation rental?

No. Only certain neighborhoods/properties can be used as vacation rentals as they need to be authorized as “short-term rental zones”. 

Can I advertise the property myself on Airbnb/VRBO?

This is dependent upon the regulations of the community your home is located in, more commonly known as the Homeowner’s Association (HOA) by-laws. These documents will be specific to your neighborhood and you would need to verify whether Airbnb/VRBO is permitted.

In addition, using Global Vacation Rentals as your property management company means we advertise you on our website as well as our partner websites such as Airbnb, Vrbo, Marriott Homes & Villas, Air Canada + more!

What does the HOA fee cover?

This also varies from community to community depending on the cost of the HOA fee. Usually communities with higher HOA dues will offer access to better amenities and include services such as lawn care. Before you purchase a home, we recommend reading through the by-laws of the community and reviewing exactly what is included in the HOA fee so you have a full understanding. 

How much is the Tourist Development Tax (also known as Occupancy Tax, Rental Tax or Resort Tax)? 

The Tourist Development Tax for Osceola County (the vacation rental capitol) is currently 6%. For up to date percentages or more information you can visit the Tax Collector’s website. In most cases, the fee is passed onto the guest booking your home and collected by the property management company.


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